Annex no. 1. 



The scope of the Parking Regulations shall extend to the Hegyvidék Shopping Center’s underground car park (hereinafter as: Car park). The Parking Regulations extend in person to the persons who use the designated Car park for the storage of their vehicle, the employees of the Car park’s owner, the security staff they employ as well as all other persons residing in the Car park for any other reason (e.g. cleaning, maintenance, repairs. etc.). 


The present Rules and Regulations contain the set of rules that shall govern the use of the Hegyvidék Shopping Center’s Car park, the parking regulations of the Car park as well as the general rules of parking. 


Said Rules and Regulations shall stipulate the rights and obligations of any and all users of the Car park and individuals (hereinafter as: Users) leasing a parking space in the Car park.


In all matters related to the Rules and Regulations, the lessee and owner of the Hegyvidék Shopping Center (hereinafter as: Owner) shall be represented by the manager of the Hegyvidék Shopping Center (hereinafter as: “Shopping Center Manager”) and their commissioned operator (hereinafter as: “Operator”). Therefore, in terms of the present Rules and Regulations, the term of “Operator” shall refer to the owner (“Owner”) or the legal person representing the owner as an operator.  


The present Parking Regulations shall be applied upon announcement until their withdrawal or amendment. The amendment of the Parking Regulations or the new Parking Regulations must be clearly published at least 15 days prior to them entering into force. In this case, clearly shall mean that all amendments – particularly those related to the rental fee – or new Regulations shall be clearly, visibly posted at the entrance to the Car park, while also publishing the amendments or new regulations on the Hegyvidék Shopping Center’s website. Insofar as the User of the Car park is unwilling to accept the terms of the amendment, they are entitled to terminate the usage of the Car park prior to the amendment or new regulations entering into force, or terminate the agreement on its usage.


4.1. Entering the Car park is prohibited when the Operator chooses to close the Car park due to an exceptional occurrence or when the Car park is full.


Entering the Car park shall take place in observance of the warning, restricting or public transport signs posted at the entrance to the Car park. Entering the Car park is possible by pressing the button on the entrance terminal or by scanning a pass on the terminal’s card reader. Entrance to the Car park becomes possible when the gate automatically opens upon the receipt of a parking ticket or by scanning a valid pass.


The receipt of the parking ticket or the scanning of the pass constitutes the conclusion of the parking agreement. User acknowledges that they are required to observe the Car park regulations while also becoming entitled to park their vehicle on a free space in the Car park. A camera-based surveillance system is operated within the premises of the Car park.


4.2. The provisions of the Highway Code are to be observed within the Car park; all Users are required to observe its provisions, particularly those related to pedestrians. User is required to observe the rules of the signs and road markings posted in the Car park as well as the instructions of the Operator’s employees. Pedestrians are to take great care when using the Car park, paying close attention when crossing vehicles traffic lanes. The liability for damages resulting in the failure to observe the provisions of laws, as well as those of the Operator and the Rules and Regulations shall fall solely on the User.


4.3 The Car park may only be used with fully insured vehicles. The Car park and its services are to be used at the User’s own risk and liability.


Operator shall not inspect the parking spaces or the vehicles parked therein and shall not be obliged to do so, therefore the Owner and/or the Operator shall not be held liable for any theft, loss or damage to the vehicles or the valuables contained within said vehicles.


User is required to notify the Owner and/or Operator without undue delay of any damages to the Car park or the parked vehicles.


4.4. User may use any free parking space in the Car park expressly provided by the Owner and/or Operator for said purpose; User shall not use any parking spaces designated by signs or other means to be for exclusive use. 


User is required to position their vehicle within 1 designated parking space appropriate to the size of the vehicle in question. 


Owner and/or Operator is entitled to change the designation of areas allocated for parking at any time. The washing of vehicles is prohibited in the aforementioned areas.


In the case of the violation of the restraints set forth in the present item, occupying more than one parking space or violating other provisions (e.g. those pertaining to disabled parking spaces), the Owner and/or Operator is entitled to arrange for the removal of vehicle at the Owner’s cost and/or at its own discretion to charge User the fee of the additional, unlawfully used parking space as a penalty beyond the regular parking fee. 


The above-listed stipulations shall have no bearing on the additional claims of the Owner and/or Operator or the User’s liability for possible infringements.


4.5. During the parking of vehicles, particular care must be taken to:


- avoid the obstruction of other vehicles,


- avoid the blockage of traffic or evacuation routes (lifts and stairwells) or the blockage of fire-fighting assembly points.


4.6. The Car park shall be open 24 hours a day. Operator is entitled to have vehicles left in the Car park for more than 2 days – not including Users with a valid lease agreement who are entitled to park their vehicles in the Car park during the term pursuant to their lease agreement – removed at the User’s or their registered motor vehicle operator’s cost.


4.7. In the event of exceptional occurrences (e.g. bomb threats, fire alarms), Users must vacate the Car park without undue delay. In such cases, they may only leave the Car park with their vehicle once the Operator has received the necessary approval of the authorities to resume the normal operation of the Car park. In emergencies, the Owner and/or Operator is entitled to remove parked vehicles from the Car park. The costs of said removal shall only fall on the User insofar as the emergency is imputable to them.


4.8. The speed limit in the Car park is 10 km/hour while observing a maximum height of 2.20 meters. The use of main-beam headlamps and signal horns is prohibited, unless when necessary for emergency purposes.


4.9.In the Car park, it is prohibited to


- enter the Car park with a gas-powered vehicle;


- park vehicles without a license plate that do not comply with traffic regulations


- charge batteries within the area of the Car park


- warm or test the engine of a vehicle and unnecessarily operate it at idle speed for a prolonged period;


- use vehicles with leaking fuel and/or oil tanks or otherwise representing an increased hazard or source of contamination


- store unserviceable vehicles;


- hinder the normal operation of the Car park in any way


- park in a disabled parking space without authorization (only the existence and display of a valid disabled person's badge allows parking in the space in question);


- carry our repair, cleaning or other maintenance works, with the exception of technical failures resulting in an unserviceable state;


- use of the ramp by pedestrians;


- use of areas closed to traffic for parking purposes;


- smoke or carry out activities that involve fire;


- carry out storage activities outside of designated storage areas.


- distribute flyers without a permission


4.10. Leaving the Car park with a vehicle is only possible by scanning the parking ticket or valid pass on the exit terminal. Once this has been carried out, it becomes possible to drive out of the Car park once the gate automatically opens.


5.1 The parking fee for Users of the Car park – not including those leasing a parking space with a valid lease agreement – shall be determined pursuant to the applicable fees of the occupied parking space. The applicable parking fees are listed on signs posted at the Car park entrance and the Parking machines.


5.2 The parking period shall be determined for every half hour spent from the receipt of the parking ticket to the time of leaving the Car park. The parking time shall include periods beyond the opening hours of the Shopping Center.


5.3 The Parking machine only returns change, within a limited range of coins, therefore payment with banknotes is possible proportionately to the parking fee.


The parking machine only accepts a single banknote as shown above. In all other cases, it will cancel the transaction. 


5.4 The parking fee is payable prior to leaving the Car park at one of the parking machines located in front of the lifts on the parking level.


Users can only drive out of the Car park with their vehicle once the User – in the case of parking in excess of the period of free-of-charge parking – has paid their parking fee at the parking machine. Subsequent to payment, the User has 10 minutes to vacate the Car park.


Invoices for paid parking fees can be requested at the dispatcher’s office on Level -2, against the receipt issued by the ticket machine, solely on the day of the issuing of the receipt.


5.5 Parking tickets are to be kept until driving out of the Car park. In the case of the loss or damage to the parking ticket, User must notify the Operator of the Car park to receive a replacement parking ticket. Operator shall replace the lost parking ticket and shall determine the actual starting time of the parking period. User may object to the starting time determined by the Operator or may present a rebuttal for which they are entitled to access the data stored by the Operator on the usage of the Car park (e.g. camera recordings or other data, such as electronic license plate identification registration).


In the case of a starting time mutually accepted by the User and the Operator, User is required to pay the fee for the actual time of usage upon leaving the Car park in addition to the amount for the replacement of the parking ticket.


Insofar as determining the actual time spent in the Car park proves to be unsuccessful, Operator and User shall record a log in which they shall record the stored data as well as the objections of the User. Should the User maintain their objection and are not willing to fulfil their payment obligation, they may leave the Car park, yet Operator maintains the right to legally enforce their claim to recouping their costs and other damages against the User. These circumstances shall be recorded in the log. 


This Parking Regulation shall enter into force on the 15th day subsequent to its announcement.

Date: Budapest, July 2021 

GTC HBK Project KFT.

Car park Owner