We get you in shape at Formakontroll Clinic!

Formakontroll Clinic’s philosophy is unique: one can only be fit and healthy if he or she get’s the necessary care from the inside and from the outside. One can only become fit, balanced and beautiful, if the metabolism functions optimally and its regeneration is supported!

The two doctors, Dr Helga Beyer and Dr. Judit Töllösy are working with an internist approach which indicates the observation of the human body as a whole and medical support is only given if it’s needed. They are working with people with insulin-resistance, prediabetes, thyroid diseases, weight issues and woman with PCOS. Top-level athletes and hobby sportsman also often ask for their help to bring out the best from their performance. Couples who are participating in Fertility program also often turn to them.

Their therapy is complex in each case: a four-member dietitian group help them. Dietitians can help those, who experience special and cumulative problems like food allergies and insulin-resistance. Diagnostics are based on their own blood taking space and the ultrasound clinic. You can ask for blood taking every day without referrals, you just need to sign in online at their webpage! The third member of their group is Dr. Judith Sebestyén plastic surgeon, who joined them because she realised: real beauty can only be reached if the anti-aging program is about the metabolic pathways in the first place.

At the plastic department a wide choice of facial treatments can be done ambulantly with local anaesthesia. You can also participate in the ZO Skin Health Skin-therapy program which only can be used with a qualificated doctor’s assistance.