Take a dip with the NEW SHISEIDO Sports BB cream, go to the Glamor Beauty Parfumerie!

Look for the three shades of SHISEIDO’s Sport BB Cream at Glamour Beauty Parfume Store: light, medium and dark – the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Just like all SHISEIDO tanning creams, SHISEIDO Sport was created using the innovative wetforce technology: after getting in contact with water or sweat, it provides even more protection against UV-rays. It contains a special makeup ingredient which gives a healthy colour to your skin, even in sunlight and special amino-acids, which help replenish your skin’s water content.

  • SHISEIDO’s Sport BB cream protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays and makes less wrinkles appear thanks to its special SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology
  • thanks to the innovative wetforce technology it provides even more protection against UV-rays after getting in contact with water or sweat
  • thanks to the cutting-edge Profense CEL™ technology it helps reduce sun damages like wrinkles and spots
    Instructions: (use it on face, day cream)
  • Shake bottle before applying SHISEIDO’s Sport BB Cream. Apply cream on your face and massage it in fast with circular motions.