Superfruit encased in a skincare serum at Morinda.

Try this wonderful serum for radiant skin made with the valuable extract of the Tahitian Noni seed in June and you can choose a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer or a facial shield (SPF 50) or another serum with 50% discount!

Noni is without doubt the most precious gift of nature. It has been benefiting the lives of Polynesian people for thousands of years, blessing its consumers with health and beauty.
The land of French Polynesia is covered by noni trees from the Marquesas Island in the North to the Society Islands in the South. Noni grows in abundance here because of the rich volcanic soil, the crystal clear air, the perfect amount of rainfall and the ideal temperature and because the majority of the land is untouched. These circumstances provide wonderful conditions for growing strong noni trees bearing healthy fruit that are rich in nutrients.
All elements of the noni plant – the fruit, the seeds and the leaves have particular benefits for the skin. When used topically, noni conditions and clears the skin as no other cosmetic ingredient. What is more, noni is able to make the skin more radiant and emphasize its natural beauty.

The TeMana Noni Serum contains one of the most efficient skin conditioning ingredient, the Tahitian Noni seed extract in high concentration. It deeply moisturizes the skin, has anti-inflammatory effect, makes the skin more radiant and clearer. It also contains noni leaf extract, noni fruit juice, noni seed oil and arbutin to make the skin softer and brighter. With daily use you can experience younger looking and more radiant skin.

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