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The company started out in 1949 as a traditional family business, making bifocal lenses, which at the time were a new innovation and had not been manufactured in Hungary before, and thus it brought about a revolutionary change in the manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses. In the late ’50s and early ’60s, based on the patent of Dr. István Győrffy, our workshop was already equipped to manufacture contact lenses. At that time it won awards in Brussels and in San Francisco.

In the ’70s a lighter, thinner range of lenses was developed, which the company manufactures and distributes to this day with much success. In the ’80s we were among the first to manufacture progressive (multifocal) lenses, and lenses that darken in response to light (photochromatic lenses). Later we opened the first optician centre, enabling us to cater appropriately to the needs of consumers.

Our company took its place at the leading edge of scientific research with the development of Professor Pál Gregus’s progressive addition lenses (PAL). The pioneering work conducted by us in this field made it possible for the invention to receive a NASA award in 1989. One of the key events of the ’90s was the opening of the company’s second optician centre. Another was the introduction of the latest diagnostic tools for eye testing.

In 2009 the growth of the company led us to open another optician’s surgery in downtown Budapest. This shop also houses our state-of-the-art lens manufacturing unit. In our shops patients are attended to by professionally trained opticians, optometrists and contact lens specialists. In addition to the classic ophthalmic methods, we also test patients using modern, 21st-century tools.

Our carefully selected range of high-quality frames includes a choice of classic and modern styles, as well as the products of leading contact lens manufacturers. Our optician centre specialises in light, thin, single-focus and multifocal lenses.

In 2015 another unit is being added to our chain of optician centres, with a unit in the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre in District XII. We hope that the expertise and quality service that it offers will soon earn the trust and loyalty of shoppers at the centre