Morinda’s collagen beauty drink is inspired by Tahiti beauty and health culture. A daily dose of 50 ml helps skin to be taut with 10.000 mgs of collagen.

Miss Tahiti is the face of the TeMana NONI+Collagen beauty drink.

Morinda’s Collagen beauty drink was inspired by the Tahitian Health and Beauty Culture, and a 50 ml daily dose supports tightening the skin by 10.000 mg collagen. The islands of French Polynesia are the perfect environment to create the most pure, natural and organic plant life in the world. Each of these natural environments have unique characteristics that contribute to the healthiest ecosystem in the world. The environment of Tahiti is one of the last truly pristine environments in the world. The soil, air and water are pure, unspoiled, unpolluted, unmanaged. Historically, the people of Tahiti have thrived in this environment, using the natural plants to their advantage. This culture has kept them famously healthy and beautiful. The Tahitian ideal is active, healthy and naturally beautiful. At Morinda, our products capture the benefits of this pristine environment and the wisdom of the Tahitian people. The Tahiti Health and Beauty Culture inspired the luxurious TeMana Noni+Collagen beauty drink which can support lifting and tightening the sagging skin, increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture, the tone and the suppleness of the skin. Preserve your youthful beauty with the recipe of Tahitian wisdom!

The product is available for preorders in the Morinda office.