Mario Fongo’s bakery products at Delizia Gourmet & More

The long-awaited, handmade Piemont grissinis and lingue de suoccera in different flavours and sizes have finally arrived. The products are made with natural leavening with special, high-quality Italian flour and Italian extra virgin olive oil.

The Mario Fongo company was established in 1945 and it has been running as a family business ever since. They made lingue de suoccera world famous. Besides traditional products the company manufactures novelties every year. They follow gastronomic trends and are committed fans of healthy nutrition. The products made in the bakery don’t contain artificial additives, only the most necessary, quality components. Besides traditional crackers we offer grissinis made from black rice flour or seedy wholegrain flour. Our pictures depict in how many ways grissinis can be consumed be it a come together, a light lunch or dinner, but it is perfect with a glass of wine, too!