Look for Paulo Coelho’s beautifully illustrated calendar at Líra!

Paulo Coelho: Roads – calendar 2019.
In this beautifully illustrated calendar the year is accompanied by assorted quotes from Coelho’s works. Paulo Coelho – named as the alchemist of words by millions – is among today’s most influential writers. His books not only lead the bestseller list, but induce social and cultural dialogues. The topics, conceptions and philosophy found in his works fulfil the desires of many readers, those who are seeking their ways and look for a new kind of understanding of the world.

Catalina Estrada, the illustrator of the calendar has realized the vibrant and lush nature of her motherland, Colombia as a child. Currently she lives in Barcelona, but as a world famous illustrator she hasn’t forgot her roots. In her works and colour usage this wondrous enthusiasm is still present.