Lilu has become the ambassador for Játéksziget’s charity campaign!

The number of toys kids have in their rooms are growing over time, sometimes they even occupy the living room. However, only 20% of these toys are used by the children. That is why it is worth selecting and donating unused toys several times a year.

Játéksziget and its Charity Campaign Ambassador, Lilu helps you solve this problem, by visiting an orphanage or a family in extreme poverty every month and donating collected toys to them. The message of the short films made during her visits is: Toys that are useless for some people, can be huge value for a poor child. Játéksziget, where toys are valuable.

Játéksziget however, wants to make everyday lives of children in need more beautiful, not just during the festive season but during the whole year! Játéksziget encourages parents to involve their children in donation the toys, as this will teach them the importance of charity and in the same time children can take part actively in charity activities. Játéksziget helps you find a new host for your kids unused toys. If you bring one bag of toys to the Játéksziget stores you will get a coupon worth 500 Fts, which can be used in any Játéksziget store. Teach your children the importance of charity, let toys support a good cause and let toys become good values again by helping children in need!