Tips to prepare your car for Spring

5 things to look out for when spring comes

Truly good weather is coming soon, and it will make us all go on longer journeys. This is why it’s a good idea to prepare our car, so the sudden increase in usage won’t cause any trouble. This will save us from a handful of unpleasant situations later on.
1. Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning should not be limited to your house. The long winter months can take their toll on the car and the morning frosts have their consequences too. So, our first tip is to wash your car at home in the garden or visit your nearest car wash.

2. Check the tires

Correct tire pressure not only makes driving safer, it also saves money: if the pressure meets the manufacturer's specifications, your car will simply use less fuel. And spring is a great time to check tires that have suffered the conditions of harsh winter roads.

3. Don't forget the battery

A lot can go wrong with your car's electronic system. A dead battery is not just a nuisance, it can also be dangerous if it dies on the road. That's why we should pay special attention to it when spring-cleaning our cars.

4. The wiper and what comes with it

It's also worth taking a good look and even replacing your wipers in the spring. They can easily wear out during the rainy autumn and snowy, freezing winter, and you don't even need to go to a garage to replace them. Refill the fluid too, as spring can bring sudden downpours of rain.

5. Oil change

It's vital to change the oil in your car periodically if you want to stay safe behind the wheel for many years to come. A spring workshop visit can save you a lot of trouble and damage, so make sure you pay attention to this too. If nature renews itself in the spring, why shouldn't our car do the same?