2022. September 22.
Tips for a really productive weekday

Autumn is here, the school season has begun, which gives us a strict schedule after the summer break. It's important to get through the week as efficiently as possible as everyone loves that euphoric feeling you get when you return home after a long day with most of the work done. Here are our tips on how Hegyvidék Shopping Center can help you have a really productive day!

2022. July 25.
Everything in one place before your holiday, in Hegyvidék!

We're all looking forward to starting our journey to our holiday destination after work on Friday. Sometimes the rush can make us feel a bit uncomfortable, as there are so many places to get to before we leave - arm floaties for the kids, a cheque to pay at the post office, and even dinner for the family after a late arrival. Hegyvidék Shopping Centre offers a simple and efficient solution to this problem, as everything can be done in one place, without the hassle of crowds, so you can start the weekend without stress.

2022. June 16.
The barbecue season has arrived to Hegyvidék!

The summer heatwave can be hard on many, but many of us were looking forward to warm, sunny weekends. But we can all agree that there's no better way to spend a relaxing day off than barbecuing in the garden with friends and family. Here at Hegyvidék Shopping Centre, you'll find all the essentials in one place for a wonderful garden get-together or a simple family outdoor lunch.

2022. May 23.
Children's Day is coming

We all know that the greatest gift you can give your child is your attention and time. But on special occasions like Children's Day, it's only natural to prepare a little surprise.

2022. April 06.
Join us in the preparations for Easter!

There's one place where you'll find everything you need for Easter, from the preparations, through the season of Lent, over the ingredients for the perfect meal, to the best gifts for the nest - it's the Hegyvidék Bevásárlóközpont. Here are our tips on which stores to visit for an easy and quick shopping - so all you have left to do is enjoy your time with family.

2022. March 04.
Spring renewal in Hegyvidék!

Spring is here, a time of renewal, an excellent opportunity for external or internal development, to start the season ahead in the best possible shape. Here are a few tips for spring to refresh and renew yourself, just like nature!

2022. February 03.
Valentine's Day with a little twist

How can we make a special day even more special?

2021. December 21.
Hegyvidék's most popular meeting point

Here everyone can find what they are looking for and even more! We are welcoming you with high quality products, services and most importantly memories you can cherish. One could only be looking to run some errands or fancy a good meal in one of our fine dining restaurants - whatever the desire, the Hegyvidek Shopping Center is there to provide quality products and entertainment to all its' guests.

2021. December 14.
Let us help your New Year’s resolutions come true

Cross out everything from that long list of yours!