Let's go outside!

Interesting sights and hiking places near District XII.

Hiking is something we kind of rediscovered in recent years. While COVID19 made it hard for us to plan gatherings and different team excercises, nature slowly crept back into the public conciouscness as a place where we can safely spend an exciting afternoon. So, here are some of the most interesting sights and hiking places near District XII. 

Ördög-orom (Ördög-summit)

Located between Farkas-völgy and Irhás-árok, Ördög-orom is the perfect place for those who like their nature a bit on the wild side. Accessible from the Eper utca station of the 8E bus, one can soon find themselves on a small path leading to a world of wild beauty and diverse flora and fauna.

From Normafa to Hármashatár-hegy (From Normafa to Hármashatár-mountain)

Comfortable shoes are a must if we seriously consider walking straight from Normafa to Hármashatárgy, because the distance between them is nearly 13 km. And yet, all that walking is a worthy endeavor, considering all the natural sights we get to see and experience: the view is breathtaking from Tündér-szikla or the Árpád kilátó, and there is even a chance for a little spelunking in Kőkapu-barlang. 

Széchenyi-kilátó (Széchenyi lookout)

After the previous trek, we now recommend a breezier one. The Széchenyi-emlékmű and -kilátó is located on the hillside of Széchenyi-hegy by the Gyermekvasút Szécheny-hegy station. Originally, it stood by the entrance of Városliget, but in 1989 when preparations for the Millennium started – when construction of Hősök-tere began – it was relocated to the spot it inhabits today. And while the trees have grown siginificantly bigger – thus naming the spot a lookout is quite a stretch – it’s nevertheless an interesting piece of hungarian history only a small hop away.

Tündér-szikla (Tündér-cliff)

Emerging from a slope of Tündér-hegy (part of János-hegy), Tündér-szikla stands 386 metres, as one of the most beautiful places along the Buda mountains. It was declared a conservation area in the 70’s and even today its heights await those who’re up for a little hike. It’s best approached by the Budapest chairlift, from Zugliget station, and we can also follow an educational trail