The accessories of an exciting Farsang are great games and board games. Have a look at Játéksziget store!

Ingredients of the carnival season are board games and toys!

By playing board games we can make the carnival party even more fun! At Játéksziget on the upper ground floor, a wide range of board games are available for different age groups either based on speed, or fortune, or knowledge or just simple fun, for example Villámválasz, Orrvadászat, Squawk, MindenTudorka, just to name a few out of the dozens. There are a lot of boardgames, creative toys or constructions toys available, that bring together family members and friends, or make birthday parties entertaining.

In February, if you buy any LEGO Movie product, in value more than 8990 HUF, a LEGO Movie 2 eraser is your promotion gift, even more: all Lego City products are offered with a 20% discount. Djeco’s high quality creative and skill developing toys can also be bought here in the widest range in the neighborhood.

Thank you for the many toys, that you brought as donation in Játéksziget donation boxes, please do not forget, that we continue this charity activity by collecting toys in 2019 as well. Everybody can help children in need by bringing used toys into Játéksziget’s donation boxes. Játéksziget takes care about shipping and gives coupons and certificate of donation in return Lilu continuously works with us as ambassador and keeps visiting families with your donations. Please continue bringing toys to our donation boxes this year as well. Giving toys is as useful as donating food or clothes.