About us

A place in Buda where we take care of our shoppers

The Hegyvidék Shopping Centre, situated in the heart of District 12, is a discerning and dependable shopping centre that always puts the needs of its shoppers first. Our mall, which opened in autumn 2012, has become the  shopping centre of choice for the residents of Buda over the past few years. Our shops have everything from clothing to gastronomic treats, from big-name brands to the limited-series collections of foreign designers. The professional, courteous sales assistants in the shops always go out of their way to ensure that all your needs are catered for.

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Something special in every shop

The Hegyvidék Shopping Centre has so many exciting shops for those who value quality. Dedicated followers of fashion should check out our ground-floor clothing shops, which have an excellent selection to choose from (click here for a list of our fashion stores).

And we haven’t forgotten about the kids either: at the quality children’s clothing stores Lovely You Baby and Kids Fashion, the littlest ones will also be able to dress up in the latest style.

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Sensational culinary treats

We are just as discerning when it comes to food as we are about fashion. Shoppers arriving at basement level -1 will find a “marketplace”, where they can stock up with supplies from the best butcher, fishmonger, delicatessen, or perhaps the wine shop and Swiss chocolate store. Among our restaurants, ZuZu puts a new spin on classic Hungarian dishes. The flavours of Italy, meanwhile, are brought to you by Pizza Forte. Read more about our complete gastronomical offering here.

Everyday administration, gift shopping and beauty care all under one roof

Whether you want to pretty yourself up, get those administrative chores out of the way or shop for gifts, the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre has everything you’re looking for. Dispense with all your everyday errands under a single roof in a well-appointed setting.

Come and explore our diverse selection of shops.

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The Hegyvidék Shopping Centre – home to the world’s largest lenticular work of art


Gyula Várnai: Forest in the clearing

Gyula Várnai, one of the most important figures in Hungarian contemporary art, has created a unique work of art in the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre. Our commitment to the arts has created an opportunity for art and the public to meet in today’s new type of social space. The lenticular print, at 70 square metres, is the largest work of art ever to have been made using this technique. The special, lens-like surface of the lenticular print creates an optimal illusion whereby the viewer sees the two-dimensional picture as spatial, with a depth of field that extends behind and in front of the physical plane of the image. The location-specific installation, conceived and created to fit in with the characteristics of its site, is the stylised enlargement of a field of dandelions. The work seeks to identify and show the analogies and parallels with the structures found in the micro and macro world. It constantly reveals new colours and patterns, depending on which direction you view it from. The artist’s choice of a part of our natural environment as the subject for his work is in line with the ecologically aware nature of the building itself, while both its appearance and the technology used blend in seamlessly with the clean-lined, modernist architecture and design.

Environmental friendliness

The Hegyvidék Shopping Centre is the first eco-aware shopping centre in the country to have received a “very good” rating in the strict BREEAM international environmental rating scheme. The energy-saving solutions enable the centre to operate cost-effectively, with low running costs, and in a sustainable manner.