Special offers at Líra Bookstore.

Special offers at Líra Bookstore: children’s books up to 50% off.


ZuZu Restaurant

Zuzu Restaurant opens soon where you can taste the superb meals of star chef Krisztián Huszár.

A Roberto Botticelli shoe store opens at Hegyvidék Shopping Centre in June

A new store opens in June on the ground floor of Hegyvidék Shopping Centre. Roberto Botticelli is the gem of premium Italian handcraft shoes which represents luxury and uniqueness since 1946.

Summer novelties at Cango & Rinaldi in Vathy’s Corner

Summer novelties with the exciting combination of special leatherware from Cango & Rinaldi.

IVV Italian handcraft glassware at the Asztalkultúra store

Discover IVV’s spectacular Italian glass vases and platters at Asztalkultúra.

Lira’s school year end discount continues!

School year end discount at Líra Bookstore.