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who is tanti?
Many of us Hungarians have the memory of ‘Tanti’, the benevolent auntie, who is a real connecting link between the younger and older generations during the large family gatherings. She’s the children’s favorite, the ever young lady whom everyone wants to impress, the helper of the family who always has a good idea or a relevant trick in the kitchen. The granny’s best friend, who seems to know everything. Tanti’s vibrant, loving, supportive, comforting presence brightens up the family’s life. This is exactly what we want to represent on the fine dining scene of Budapest. The interior and the service is homelike, so our guests could feel like visiting an old friend. Our cuisine combines traditional and modern techniques and technologies to give our guests a new experience of a familiar taste. Tanti is known for the flavors of classic bourgeois cuisine served in an innovative, sophisticated form.