Na’ Pasta Bistro


Ground floor shop #4

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
11.30pm - 11pm
12pm - 10pm


+36 30 497 9960


Our restaurant brings the authentic flavours of Naples to Hungary, and this is also where the name comes from: “Una pasta!” – “Pasta please!”. We offer special pasta dishes, pizza, hamburgers, Italian and Hungarian wines, and we are also unique in providing our customers with a Meat Cooking Service. The Meat Cooking Service is provided in conjunction with the MészárSteak butcher’s shop, which is also located in the shopping centre. The way it works is that the guest chooses a cut of meat in the shop, which we then prepare in our own kitchen for a minimal service charge. We pay special attention to our gluten-sensitive guests too, as virtually all our dishes are available in a gluten-reduced or gluten-free version.

As our name suggests, we take a special pride in our pasta, offering a selection of four pasta types with ten different sauces: home-made pasta made with genuine Italian flour, Garofalo high-quality Italian manufactured dried pasta, artisanal dried pasta from La fabrica della pasta Gragnano, and a gluten-free version of this pasta.

We also make our pizzas from four types of flour, at the choice of our customers: La Fabrica Pivetti, La Fabrica Pivetti black dough, Bio Alakor einkorn flour, La Fabrica Pivetti gluten-free flour.

Besides these, our hamburgers are available in four meat varieties, including a gluten-free version. Our sandwiches are put together from selected Italian and Hungarian ingredients, and these too are available in gluten-reduced versions.