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Monday - Saturday:
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Morinda Inc. was founded by food scientists John Wadsworth and Stephen Story who discovered the beneficial effects of noni fruit. By now, Morinda has become an important player on the global market of food supplements. As the market leader of the noni industry, we are constantly improving our products making best use of all the knowledge on noni that ancient Tahitians have been cherishing for thousands of years.
Premium quality cosmetics (Age Defy), bioactive beverages (Thrive, Tahitian Noni™),body maintenance program (FIT), unique technology measuring AGE-levels (Advanced Glycation End Products), outstanding business opportunity – All can be found at the Morinda Shop and Morinda Office.

Our Brands:

Thrive MAX, Thrive Extra, Tahitian Noni™ Original, Tahitian Noni™ Pure, Age Defy, FIT, Moéa, Tepoema, Tahititrim™Plan 40