Budai Milieu


Ground floor, Shop nr. # 3

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
8am - 11pm
8am - 4pm




Budai Milieu is a stylish bistro in the heart of Budapest’s Hegyvidék district. As well as a hearty breakfast to start the day right, guests can enjoy the selection of lovingly made specialty coffees, a constantly changing lunch menu, and a variety of à-la-carte dishes that will delight the senses. A modern gastronomic experience and a warm welcome every day of the week, in a family-friendly environment.

The chef: Antal Kovács

Antal Kovács served his apprenticeship at Fausto’s Restaurant, from where he moved to the United Kingdom and then, after a brief spell back in Hungary, to Iceland. After returning home he gained valuable experience ‘staging’ at restaurants in Japan and the Netherlands, and the former experience had a profound influence on his approach to Hungarian cuisine.

“In our kitchen, the Hungarian style of cooking will also be dominant. But I like to serve up some of the more recent dishes, which are only now coming to be regarded as classics, using top quality ingredients and in a form that can hold its own in the international arena. Even a humble pottage is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as it’s made with care using the right ingredients. In the past few years I’ve sought to master as many technologies as possible, with the aim of using them to re-imagine Hungarian cuisine for the 21st century. The most important thing is the respect that we show to guests, our colleagues, the ingredients and ourselves.”