The new brand under the name of Lukas Podolski of the German National Football Team has finally arrived to the dm store.

The new brand of the German football player, Lukas Podolski has finally arrived to all dm stores!


Changing business hours between 23 June – 18 August!

Dear Customers! Some stores of our shopping centre operate with changed business hours every Sunday between 23 June and 18 August.

June is the month of spices at Delizia Gourmet & More!

June is the month of spices at Delizia Gourmet and More.

A great certificate deserves a great reward at Líra book store.

Now it’s worth to visit Líra book store where a great certificate is rewaded!

Lay hold of the last opportunities at Neckermann!

Get hold of the last places at Neckermann. June trips with a discount up to 175 EUR / person for new bookings. Information is incomplete, further details at the agency!

Last pieces at Vathy’s Corner!

Last pieces at Vathy’s Corner. Some shoes from 40.000 Fts, jackets from 50.000 Fts, suits from 70.000 Fts.