Kollagen beauty drink with the power of Tahiti Noni!

Collagen Beauty Shot boosted with Tahitian Noni. If you are dreaming of smoother skin with more elasticity, then the luxurious TeMana NONI + Collagen dietary supplement is your greatest help!

This beauty shot combines the benefits of the Tahitian super fruit: noni based on which a whole industry was built with a well-known skincare ingredient: collagen, creating a beauty drink that is much awaited all over the world. The daily dose of the TeMana NONI + Collagen beauty drink is rich in ingredients as it contains 10,000 mg hydrolyzed marine collagen, which can help lifting and stretching the sagging skin, increasing the elasticity of the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles, improving its tone, texture and suppleness. The formula is enriched by Tahitian Noni concentrate, zinc, artichoke and olive extract. The TeMana NONI + Collagen beauty drink helps to rebuild the collagen matrix* in the skin so that you can enjoy smoother and younger looking skin longer.

*The Vitamin C content contributes to the normal formulation of collagen in the skin.

The product will be available in limited quantity, starting from October, but Morinda takes preorders in their office. Don’t miss it!


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