Friends of Hegyvidék

Friends of Hegyvidék – a 40-day charity collection for the institutions of the Hegyvidék district
You decide who will receive the collected donations!

The Hegyvidék Local Council, together with the Hegyvidék Centre and the St. John the Baptist Parish Church of Felső-Krisztinaváros, has launched a charity collection that it hopes will become a regular annual event. The fundraising effort lasts for 40 days, from Easter Monday until Whit Monday. Donations can be placed in envelopes specially provided for this purpose, marked with the name of the institution the money is intended for, and placed in a collection box marked “Friends of Hegyvidék”.

“The Hegyvidék Centre is a HUF 5 billion capital project, so an investment of this size has not been seen in district 12 in recent years.  We’ve created new jobs; we pay tax here and provide outstanding quality, which is greatly appreciated by our shoppers. We have long since planned to hold a charity drive to support the district, and Easter is the perfect occasion on which to launch such an initiative. The residents are the people who best understand what is needed, and the best way of reaching the residents is through the parish church and the local council. We were happy when both institutions joined at the first invitation,” said László Balassa, director of the Hegyvidék Centre, summing up the background to the collection.

The St. John the Baptist Parish Church is located next door to the shopping centre, and parish priest Márton Györgydeák welcomed the initiative. “Help is always needed, and even a little money can bring a lot of joy. At this time of year, as a part of the Easter celebrations, charitable giving has always been a tradition in the Catholic Church”, said the priest.
With the help of Hegyvidék Local Council, the recipients have already been chosen. The donations can be addressed to any of three institutions: the Hegyvidék Local Council’s Skills Children’s Day Care Centre, the Batthyány László Roman Catholic Children’s Home for the Blind and the Fekete István Elementary School and Vocational Preparatory School.
The Hegyvidék Centre has placed a collection box on the first floor of the building, where givers can leave the amount they wish to donate in the envelopes designed specially for this purpose. The envelopes are available on the premises.

“The cooperation between the Hegyvidék Centre and the parish church is exemplary, and the Local Council wholeheartedly supports initiatives and good causes such as this. I am confident that the district’s residents will once again demonstrate that they can work together in the common interest. I know there are a lot of institutions and civic organisations operating in the Hegyvidék district that would be happy to receive support, but in our judgement the three institutions nominated for donations are particularly in need of assistance,” said Zoltán Pokorni, the mayor of the Hegyvidék district.

For the week following the removal of the collection box it will be possible to vote on the largest social networking site, Facebook (, to determine institution should receive the donation that the initiator of the collection, Hegyvidék Centre, will add to the donations made by the public. The first envelope has already been placed in the box; up until Whit Monday anybody can become a “Friend of Hegyvidék”.


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